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Bali’s Home For Creators.

Lighthouse is the first of its kind in the world, a multi-level complex that unites podcasting, video content creation and production all within its creative space. Built to foster an entrepreneurial community, with an epic cafe, bar and events space to invite changemakers and creators to “Eat, Drink, Create and Play”.

About Lighthouse:


Lighthouse has been sparked as the world’s most inspiring destination to “shine your light”. Its four professional acoustic-treated studio spaces, high-end equipment and beautiful views are ideal for podcasters, YouTubers, speakers, authors and entrepreneurial content creators. As well as producing content, our studios can be used as meeting rooms or for holding live events and workshops, fitting an audience of up to 40 people.

Video & Audio Production

Lighthouse is run by experts in podcasts, audiobooks, masterclass videos, live virtual summits and social media content production. With videographers, audio engineers and creative directors, we have the skills, team and equipment on hand for all your recording and editing needs.


Welcome to Lighthouse Coffee! Bali cafe meets Melbourne brunch. Designed as a creative space for entrepreneurs to meet and get their best work done! Our menu has been designed to keep your mind and body fueled with healthy, nutritious and delicious food. A range of teas, juices and smoothies are joined by the best coffee on the island, meaning that Lighthouse has what you need to keep creativity and energy flowing all day. When it’s time to wind down, join us “Backstage” for a glass of wine or a cocktail as the sunset falls over our view of the rice fields.

Event & Workshop Spaces

During the day, Lighthouse is a thriving cafe for entrepreneurs, changemakers and creators. As the day slows to an end, the venue transforms for holding events.
With three different spaces and customisable setups, Lighthouse can host up to 150 people, making it the perfect space for parties, business or social events, and hosting workshops and seminars. With a private rooftop overlooking the rice fields and an indoor garden. A stage for DJs and bands, and creative food and beverage options complete our event service.

Loyalty Membership Program

The ‘Luminaries’ loyalty membership program is designed for Entrepreneurs, Creators and Changemakers in Bali who want an epic place to hang out, eat food, drink great coffee and create entrepreneurial magic. With an epic cafe designed for getting your best work done, studios for content creation, entrepreneur community, events and workshops, Lighthouse is “Bali’s Home For Creators”.

Membership entitles you to discounts on studios, 10% discount in cafe, super-fast wifi and many other members specials and perks.

LightHouse Studios Membership Card

Resident Creators Program

If you want to double down whilst in Bali and produce epic content, apply to join the Resident Creator program. As a resident, you get studios & production at half price, leaving you no excuses to producing content. We include the studios, videographer and all equipment. As well as the studios and production, Lighthouse will work with you to share your content, we want to bring your important message to the world.

Limited spaces available.

LightHouse Studios Membership Card
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