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Attention coaches, consultants, wellness experts, entrepreneurs & content creators….

Record Your Courses, Masterminds & Content In Bali!

Skyrocket your online presence & your business by creating the highest quality content in a state of the art studio at the world renowned ‘Lighthouse Studios, Bali’.

Imagine jetting off to paradise for a working holiday in one of the worlds most sought after destinations for creators to record your masterpiece, and all for less than half of what it would cost at home.

Here’s the MAGIC:

Four state-of-the-art, acoustic treated customisable studio spaces, we’ll create a unique set that matches your brand & allows you to stand out from the crowd.

High-end multi-camera setups with multiple options for your delivery including podcasts, slide presentations, whiteboard & lightboard. Also available is delivery to live audiences & live-streaming.

Expertly trained team to support you in making sure your content is world-class.

Customisable packages including editing available.

Watch this four minute video below to get a complete “behind the scenes” look at recording your course at Lighthouse.

Packages Available

Mini Course
Days in Studio
Half day x 1
Half Day x 2 or Full Day x 1
Half Day x 4 or Full Day x 2
Half Day x 6 or Full Day x 3
Total Edits Included
90 Minutes
3 Hours
6 Hours
10 Hours
Multi Camera Recording
Professional Videographer
Choice Of Studio with Customisable Design
Extra Hours/Days Filming (paid as needed)
Extra Hours/Days Editing (paid as needed)
Daily VIP Pickup & Transport
Bonus “Behind The Scenes” Videography
Bonus Half Day Field Shoot (to rice fields, waterfalls etc)
Bonus Creative Trailer / Sizzle Reel (valued at $250 USD)
Editing is based on our standard editing package which includes (a) cut to cut changing of cameras, (b) mastering audio, (c) color correction, and (d) 1 x cover graphic and 1 x lower third graphic per video. Adding stock footage, b-roll, animations, graphics etc may be an additional cost.

Need a custom package? Get in contact with us for a free consultation.

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