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Create Your Online Course in The Worlds Number One Studio For Entrepreneurs!

Escape the daily distractions and come to Bali to create your online course, mastermind, or podcast. Get a dream vacation in Bali and a state-of-the-art production studio for a fraction of what you’d pay back home – and with a quality you won’t get anywhere else!

Turn Your Online Course Idea into a Money-Making Product In the Heart of Bali

Got an idea for an online course, but the thought of tackling everything that comes with creating a course amidst your already busy life makes you postpone it indefinitely?

We get it. Balancing client work, personal goals, and time with family and friends leaves little room for course creation. After all, creating a high-quality and value-packed online course entails a lot of work, especially without professional support.

At LightHouse Studios, we give entrepreneurs & creators like you an opportunity to trade the hustle and bustle of their everyday life to work exclusively on creating your online course against Bali’s magical backdrop and with a production team that takes care of the entire process.


Why Come to Bali to Record Your Online Course?

Because why settle for a mundane studio rental in your city when you can have a dream vacation in Bali and a production team that takes away the mental load of course creation rolled into one? We don’t know about you, but we can’t see a better option!

Create Once, Earn Forever

You obviously want to create a course that makes you money. At LightHouse Studios, we understand the nuances of profitable courses and will make sure that your course isn’t only professionally filmed but also strategically designed to generate revenue – for as long as you want.

Focus Just on Your Course

You’ve been thinking about creating your online course for a while, but you’ve been postponing it because there’s always something more urgent to work on. When you come to Bali to create your course, you eliminate the hustle and bustle of your everyday life so that you can focus solely on this project.

Step into Your Creative Flow

With its magical aura and creative energy, Bali is where creativity flows, and ideas come to life. That’s why creators and entrepreneurs worldwide choose it as their go-to place for creating. Imagine yourself immersed in the beauty of Bali, channeling all your creative energy into your online course.

Get a Dream Vacation in Bali

With LightHouse, you can combine recording your online course with a relaxing break in Bali for the same price you’d pay for a production team and studio in your city. Yes, you’ll incur travel costs, but who can say no to working on a creative project in the heart of the most magical island in the world?

At LightHouse Studios, we’re on a mission to help people shine their light and stand out from the crowd.

We redefine the online course creation experience by offering creators and entrepreneurs a state-of-the-art production studio coupled with a dream getaway to Bali, the world’s top creative oasis.

We Make Recording Your Course as Easy as Waving a Magic Wand

We eliminate the mental load by taking care of all the little things that go into course creation, from a high-end multi-camera setup to the pen you’ll write with. You just walk in, record your piece, and head out while everything gets magically put together into a money-making course.


Choose between 3 state-of-the-art, acoustic-treated studio spaces that we’ll customize to match your brand identity and aesthetic preferences.


Our high-end multi-camera setups have got you covered, whether you’re talking to the camera, flipping through slides, interviewing or livestreaming.


Our studios come with everything you may need to record your content – lights, microphones, props, screens, whiteboards, lightboards & much more etc.


You’ll work with an expert production & editing team on site, who will take care of every little detail and produce the highest-quality content.

We’re The Best at Creating Online Content, Period.

At Lighthouse Studios, we’re specialists in creating all kinds of online content – from online courses and longer programs to masterclasses, podcasts, and even livestreams. So, whether you’re coming to us to record a masterclass, host a virtual summit, or livestream to thousands of people while you record your course, we’ve got what you need to make it happen.

Join Hundreds Of Entrepreneurs Who Brought Their Content to Life with LightHouse Studios

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from entrepreneurs and creators who have created their courses in our studio. Discover how they brought their courses to life with our team by their side.

The Most Seamless Production Process Ever

We know that the technical details can get pretty overwhelming when you’re creating your course on your own from start to finish. With us, you don’t have to worry about absolutely anything.

Discovery Call

We start with a discovery call to determine the amount of work involved in production and editing and explain how everything works.

Quotation & Plan

After our initial consultation, we’ll assess everything and provide you with a detailed quotation and action plan for the production and editing process.

Studio Pre-Planning

Once everything is agreed upon, we’ll design a custom set that matches your brand and start preparing everything for your arrival.

Your Arrival

When you arrive at our studio, we’ll help you settle and show you how everything works. You’ll also get some coaching from the director and the videographer.

Lights, Camera, Action

This is where the fun begins! We’ll start the recording and production process, which will last from a few hours to a few days.

Final Delivery

Once the content is recorded, you’ll meet with the post-production manager and senior editor to discuss creating the final masterpiece. And voilá!

Lights, Camera, Bali

Escape the daily grind and come to Bali to focus solely on bringing your course to life. At LightHouse, we’ll take care of the entire production process while you focus on the content.

Turnkey Packages Created With Your Needs in Mind

Our pricing is transparent right from the start, so you won’t get caught by surprise with extra costs after you arrive. And if none of our packages seem like the right fit, we can create a custom package just for you.

Find the Answers to Your Questions

Got questions? We’ve got the answers.
Why should I record my course with LightHouse Studios?
While you can rent a production studio in your home city, it’ll likely cost two or three times as much as what you’d pay with us. Sure, if you come to Bali to record your course with us, you’ll incur extra travel costs you wouldn’t have back home. But this means you can get a trip to Bali and a production studio for the same price, or less, than you’d pay back home just for a studio rental. Plus, we’re the best at this, so why wouldn’t you come to Bali?
What content can I record at LightHouse Studios?
At LightHouse Studios, we specialize in recording all types of online content – from courses and programs to masterclasses, podcasts, YouTube videos, and even livestreams. We even do audiobooks, recording & mastering.
What amenities does your studio offer?
At LightHouse Studios, we provide everything you need to bring your online course, podcast, or masterclasses to life. You can choose from three state-of-the-art studios we’ll customize to match your brand identity and aesthetic preferences. Plus, you’ll get a high-end multi-angle camera setup, an entire production and editing team with a lead director and videographer, microphones, lights, presentation tools like a whiteboard, lightboard, visual displays, slides, props, plants and anything else you may need.
What’s the cost of recording my course with LightHouse?
Our most affordable package costs $797, which includes half a day of recording in our studio which includes the edits. We can also create a custom package just for you.
How does the production process work?
Once you arrive at our studio, we’ll help you settle, and you’ll receive coaching from the director and the videographer you’ll work with. Then, we’ll start recording the content. When you’re done recording, we’ll take care of the editing. You just walk in, do your thing, and everything gets magically put together for you!
Do you organize my stay in Bali?
We can recommend the best accommodation in the area, but we don’t take care of your travel arrangements. You’ll need to book your flights and accommodation on your own. However, if you purchase our Bronze, Silver, or Gold package, we’ll pick you up from your accommodation and drive you to our studio every day, so you won’t need to pay for transportation.
Do you have samples of previous projects for me to check out?

Absolutely, you can check out some sample work here at YouTube. Check out as many as possible as it will help you get some inspiration for how to do your own project.

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