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Podcast Production & Post-Production Packages

Let’s be honest, doing a high quality production takes work. There’s cameras, microphones, studios and that’s before you even start. Then once you’ve recorded your episodes, there’s quite a few things you need to do to produce, distribute and share. Good thing for you, we have all of it dialed in.

At Lighthouse, we offer different packages for podcasters, depending on what parts you need done. We have the full team in-house to handle everything including the studio recording, the editing & helping you get it out into the world. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager so you only need to communicate to one person ever. We’ll make everything easy for you so you can just focus on Shining Your Light.

Post-Production Packages

(Send us your files or we can record in-house for additional cost)

** Members receive a further 10% discount on Podcast services.


Studio Recording Packages

(In our studios with team & equipment)


** Members receive a further 10% discount on podcast production add-ons.

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