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Why Hold Your Events at Lighthouse? 

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Blog

#1 It’s The Perfect Space

Run your Workshops or Seminars in Studio 1, or hold your Business or Social Events in our Coworking Cafe. With the studios, an elegant indoor air-conditioned space, outdoor area and rooftop overlooking the rice fields and sunset, stage for bands and DJ’s, full kitchen and bar, we have your event covered.

#2 You Can Customize it..

With different spaces and customisable setups, Lighthouse can host up to 200 people, making it the perfect space for celebrations of any kind. We had events with a full on red carpet style, to people bringing in a complete VR experience. The sky’s the limit!

#3 The Venue is FREE!

That’s right. We don’t charge a rental fee for our space.

Instead, we will work with you to create the perfect package for you and your invitees with a minimum spend. From canapes to alcoholic beverages, we’ll make sure everything and everyone is taken care of.

#4 Talking About Canapes…

Another reason to hold your event here: We got a great menu selection! Choose from our set food menu and drinks packages, or, customize your own packages based on your budget and ticket prices!

#5 We Got You Covered on The Drinks Too!

We have an epic selection of beverages for you to choose from to complement your event and food of choice! From coffee and tea, healthy juices and smoothies, to a wide range of refreshing cocktails, wines, beers & spirits. You name it!

#6 Keep Your Memories With You!

Want to keep the memories as pictures? Or have your event recorded and get an after-movie of it? Or both? All is possible!

We have photographers and videographers on the ground, available as add-on service. Just tell us in advance, and we’ll take care of it for you.

Is this something you would want?

DM us now to learn more about holding your event here at Lighthouse and let’s chat!

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