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What It’s Like To Create With Lighthouse

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Blog

If you’ve experienced creating and working with us before, you already know how awesome it is!

For those who haven’t.. You’re missing out.

But no worries, better late than never. We’ll walk you through what it’s like creating with us.

Pre-Production: Understanding What You Need and Want.

This is the first step to awesomeness.

Before anything else, our team will reach out to you and make sure we get all the information we would need to create the perfect set and production that you’d need and want.

From recommending the service that we think would work best for you, to setting up the studio to match your brand colors. We’ll make sure we get the look and feel you visioned.

Production: Game Time!

We got three acoustic-treated studios, with different layouts, backgrounds, lighting and equipment, superstar team on the ground and an environment that will bring your creativity to life.

Why spend money, time, and energy to “get it right” when we can do it for you?

We’ll hold your hands through it all. Next thing you know you’re done with your production without breaking a sweat.

Post Production: Final Touches.

This is the part where we’ll work with you closely, as we do what we do best: supporting you in creating your masterpiece.

After understanding your vision and receiving all your references and brand assets, we (together with you, of course) will start the final process. From music selection, to adding in graphic/motion graphics and color grading, we’ll take your video content to the next level!

We Can Help You Promote It!

Once you have received all of the final results, you choose what to do with it.

But we can help you promote it!

If you choose to utilize Instagram as your platform to promote your video content, just tag us on your posts or add us as collaborator and we’ll be happy to repost it and share it with our community.


You should be. All you gotta do now is DM us to learn more about how we can support you on your journey of creating your masterpieces. We’d be more than happy to invite you in and take you on a tour around the space, and discuss your projects over coffee (on us!).

Just let us know when.

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