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Lighthouse Studios: Bali’s Home for Creators

by | Nov 19, 2023 | Blog


A vibrant and dynamic hub for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Creators, Bali attracts visionaries from around the world. Bali’s growing network of co-working spaces, entrepreneurial events, and wellness retreats has created a supportive ecosystem for coaches and personal development professionals. This harmonious blend of creativity and community has turned Bali into a beacon for those seeking professional development and success.

Lighthouse Studios became Bali’s new home for creators in mid-2022, opening its doors to Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, and Creators of all kinds. The venue is a multi-level podcast & video production complex, complete with a Creative Space, an Entrepreneur Community, a Cafe and bar, Workshops, Events & meetings Space.

Lighthouse Studios offers affordable, world-class video and audio production to everyone seeking to take their content to the next level. With 4 professional studio spaces, high-end equipment, a superstar team on the ground, and an environment that will bring your creativity to life, you’ll get your best work done with ease. For those looking to hold their events in Bali, Lighthouse Studios offers three different spaces and customizable setups, that can host up to 150 people, making it the perfect space for celebrations of any kind, business or social events, and hosting workshops, meetups and/or seminars.

Whether you’re looking for a place to upscale your content, or looking to network with like-minded people, Lighthouse Studios is definitely a place that you should include in your Bali itinerary.

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