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Events at Lighthouse: Where Socializing, Business, and Creativity Collide!

by | Nov 19, 2023 | Blog


Whether you’re planning a soirée that seamlessly blends social connections, business networking, live-streamed events, and insightful workshops, you’re about to embark on an epic journey of discovering what it’s like hosting your events at Lighthouse.

The Hybrid Revolution – Fusing Social and Business Networking

Picture this: a room buzzing with laughter, the clinking of glasses, and the hum of genuine connections being made. Your event at Lighthouse is not just a social gathering; it’s a networking haven with like-minded people.

The Digital Symphony – Live Streaming Your Extravaganza

In the age of connectivity, why limit your event to a physical space? Embrace the digital wave by live-streaming your event to a wider audience. We’re kinda the expert of hosting livestream events. Let us be a part of your livestream event!

Workshop Wonderland – Where Learning Meets Fun

Inject a dose of knowledge and skill enhancement into your event with engaging workshops. From business masterclasses to hands-on case study sessions, workshops add depth and substance to your affair. We have a versatile space you can use for your next workshop with your live attandees!

Designing Your Event Oasis

From using our customizable studio space for your intimate events, or holding it outdoor with ricefield view and stage for your entertainment, Lighthouse is the perfect place for you to hold whatever event you have in mind. From business networking to comedy show, we’ve had experience in holding any kind of event.

Want to know more about what it’s like holding your events at Lighthouse? Contact us now!

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