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Content Creation Strategy For 2023

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Blog

The world of content creation is constantly changing as trends come and go. But fear not, Lighthouse is here. We’re going to cover all the content creation strategies you gotta look out for in 2023.

Let’s start!

Review Past Performance

Just because the new year provides a clean slate doesn’t mean you should create content without considering what’s come before.

Spend some time examining your performance data and analytics. Make notes on what worked and what didn’t, and go from there.

Create Human-focused Content

Once upon a time, people wanted brands to come across as professional and formal. That won’t land in 2023.

People crave genuinity and transparency now. Lean into relatability, emotions, and empathy. That’s the key to building real connections with your audience.

Switch to Short-Form Videos

In today’s media environment, video is king. TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are now the most popular media for brands, thanks to consumers’ decreasing attention spans.

Thank heaven Lighthouse is here now to support you in creating high-quality video content.

Invest in High Quality Production

The time for half-made content is done. Nobody wants to see low-quality videos with crappy audios.

High-quality production gives you a professional image, and it increases your engagement and ROI.

Take our words for it. We’ve supported hundreds of creators in upscaling their content this past year. We kinda know what we’re talking about.

Podcasts Remain Dominant

Now with Podcasting platforms introducing video features, Podcasts audiences are growing rapidly.

Thinking about creating your own, or upscaling what you already created? Come by to Lighthouse, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s chat!

Any other Content Creation Strategy For 2023 that you have in mind?

Comment down below and share your thoughts with us.

Need support in creating your masterpieces or upscaling your production? DM us now and let’s get started!

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