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8 Top Things LightHouse Can Support You With

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Blog

1. Record Your Courses

Set up for coaches, consultants, speakers & experts to record content for courses, programs & YouTube channels, this is the place for you!

Complete with a variety of setups, with lights, cameras & props including whiteboards, lightboards and much more, our Studios would be the perfect space to take your content to the next level.

2. Produce Your Podcast

For you Podcasters, we have 3 customisable spaces for you

All acoustic treated with different sets & backdrops to suit you & your brand. With multi-camera recording, high-end microphones for crystal clear sound & superstar videographers to get it done properly. Up-level your podcast with us here at Lighthouse

3. Event & Retreat Production

Looking to record your next event? No worries.

We have supported workshops, retreats seminars and so much more all around Bali for the past 2 years now. We’ll bring our superstar team to you, run a multi-camera recording & make sure everything is on point to make sure everything is done right. We can even live-stream your event & of course we’ll record everything for your digital library.

4. Webinars, LiveStream & Live Workshops

With screens for interacting with participants and multi-camera live edits & streaming technology, we are Asia’s first purpose-built studio facility for speakers & presenters to hold live virtual summits & conferences to be professionally broadcasted online.

Or, hold it for a live audience! Your pick.

5. Record Your Audiobooks!

Studio 3 has been professionally acoustic treated to accommodate recording audiobooks, voiceovers and narrations. With a choice of microphones, a professional sound engineer, and videographers, we’ll make sure your recording is perfect.

6. Creating Social Content

Looking to create Social Media content? We got you!

Whether it’s photography, or video content, just let us know what you need. We have a rockstar team on the ground, epic studio sets, and equipment to make sure your Content is top notch.

We’re also experts in off-site production, so if studio content isn’t your vibe, we can come to you!

7. Events

During the day, Lighthouse is a thriving co-working cafe for entrepreneurs, changemakers and creators. As the day slows to an end, the venue transforms into an epic space for social and business events. With an elegant indoor air-conditioned space, outdoor area and rooftop overlooking the rice fields and sunset, stage for bands and DJ’s, full kitchen and bar, we have your event covered.

8. Creative Space to Work, Have Meetings & Meetups

Designed for entrepreneurs & creatives to get their best work done, with multiple spaces, air-conditoned inside, & outdoor garden areas overlooking the ricefields, Lighthouse offers an inspiring environment you’ll want to hang out in all day, work, do meetings, and meetups!

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