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7 Top Podcasting Trends In 2023

by | May 9, 2023 | Blog

#1 Niche or Non-Niche?

Both are on the rise! Listeners seek out specific information about a specific topic, but equally, Podcasters like Joe Rogan have created a trend for open-ended long form conversations with no agenda that allow for deep authentic conversation which resonates with the audience.

Whatever you choose, be sure to be consistent and authentic with your style.

#2 Increased Focus on Monetization

With the growth of the podcasting industry, many podcasters are looking for ways to monetize their shows and turn their passion into a profitable business. From sponsorship deals to merchandise, podcasters are exploring new and creative ways to generate revenue and support their work.

(Pay attention to building a community and creating a high-quality Podcast. This is how you attract listeners and sponsors.)

#3 Podcast as a Marketing Tool

The average podcast listener wants to learn something new, making Podcast such an effective Marketing tool for your business. From growing audience, brand awareness, to business development, you can achieve all through your Podcast.

Again, pay attention to your quality. Or, you know.. Leave the production to us, and you just focus on your magic.

#4 Growth of Audio-Based Social Media

Audio-based social media platforms, like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, are becoming increasingly popular, and many podcasters are taking advantage of these new channels to connect with their audiences and promote their shows.

Producing high quality Audio Content is what we do. Let us support you in that!

#5 Multi-Camera Production

Apple Podcast & Spotify introduced their Video Podcast feature last year, and video format is rapidly growing since then. Add a video element to your podcast and gain access to a massive amount of potential fans across multiple platforms. Plus, it’s a great way to generate social media content to promote your Podcast.

It’s not as intimidating as it seems. Just DM us and tell us when, and we’ll guide you through from pre-production to post-production.

#6 Specialized Podcast Equipment & Settings

We can’t stress this enough. 2023 is the year you gotta level up with your production!

With so much volume of content online, the way to really set yourself apart now is producing High-Quality content.

Thankfully, we are here to support you! We got 3 professional Studios, our superstar team of videographers & high-end equipment including the Cameras & Microphones, to make sure everything is world class.

#7 Live Streaming Podcasts

Live podcasts offer an opportunity for more authentic connections between the listeners and the host.. You can take questions, give shout-outs, and create an interactive experience that you can’t do with pre-recorded shows.

Although it’s live, there’s no reason it can’t have multi-camera production with high-end gear to give it a professional “post-production” feel to it. We can do just that for you! DM us to learn more.

Have other Podcasting trends in mind? Comment down below and share it with the community!

Contact us whenever you’re ready to create or level up your Podcast.

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