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Step 1: Understand How It All Works

From understanding what you want your Podcast to be, how to produce, launch, and distribute, to how the Algorithm works, you gotta learn everything in order to create an epic Podcast.

Consult with PodSquad! We have 2 consulting programs to help you in creating your Podcast as well as to kick it off the ground smoothly and stress-free.

Step 2: Nail Your Branding & Get All Necessary Assets Done

Work with experts (us), on putting together the design & flow of your first episode.This includes making sure your graphics, video introduction, jingles, and all of the other necessary assets are on point with you & your brand.

Step 3: Work With A Professional Team

Work with a team who knows what they are doing. You want to remove as much of the work & thinking from the process as possible. Don’t create blocks for yourself. Let others do the hard work & you focus on your magic.

PodSquad will be the perfect team to support you in all that. Let us be a part of your journey!

Step 4: Produce in a Professional Environment

Creating a Professional Environment isn’t enough. You gotta create in a Professional Environment that YOU LOVE BEING IN. Keep in mind that you’ll be spending hours on end in planning, perfecting your masterpiece, and producing. You need to have all the right energy to do so.

We got 3 professional Studios here at Lighthouse. With beautiful sets, high-end equipment, and a rockstar team, all to support you in creating and producing your show!

Step 5: Prepare a Realistic Schedule

It can be exciting to have your own show. You’ll be tempted to launch right away. Most people would launch after they get their first episode done. This, however, isn’t sustainable. Prepare a realistic launch schedule & get ahead.

We recommend recording & producing 6 – 8 episodes before you launch. This way you won’t be running to keep your Podcast on schedule as you’ll have enough wiggle room.

Step 6: Be Authentic!

Don’t try to over-engineer your interviews & conversations. You want it to be a free-flowing genuine conversation, not a rigid interrogation. That’s no fun.

Be yourself, and have fun! You don’t want to be sharing your messages in other people’s style & voices. Be comfortable with sharing your own voice to the world. That will reflect to your listeners.

Step 7: Evaluation is Key

Get feedback – Watch & listen to yourself back & get feedback from people you trust to give you an honest evaluation & constructive criticism. This is how you can keep upleveling your Podcast.

This is something that we support within our programs! We’ll give you our professional feedback and support you in developing your show.

Step 8: Stick With It & Have Fun!

Only create Podcasts if you are willing to play the long game. You’ll need to be patient to see results. Consistency is key. Algorithms favor consistency & longevity. Have fun!

Want to learn more about how you can create an Epic Podcast? We can support you from start to finish. All you gotta do is reach out to us. Whenever you’re ready!